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The Docwra coat of arms

Abney Park, Stoke Newington, London N16

Dockeray Ann 27jun1868 83y 041631 E02 2S01
Dockeray Joseph 31oct1860 40y 025940 C04 1S10
Dockeray Sarah Maria 14feb1894 63y 091440 E05 4S03
Dockeray William 20nov1857 32y 019391 C04 1S08
Dockerill Albert Ernest 22jun1965 71y 190759 L09 8S16
Dockerill Albert William Frederick 15mar1946 18y 172249 N06 8S07
Dockerill Alfred Charles 16jun1922 64y 137839 M09 7S05
Dockerill Annie Lizzie Marie 14mar1891 12m 086275 F02 3S12
Dockerill Charles Percy 20mar1951 56y 177892 G06 8S10
Dockerill Dennis William 18nov1948 24y 175090 G06 8S08
Dockerill Edith Shrive 01dec1947 53y 174137 N06 8S08
Dockerill Eliza 18may1910 44y 116929 N05 5S11
Dockerill Ephraim Roper 07may1934 34y 157867 B07 7S18
Dockerill Frederick 22oct1917 56y 128777 K04 6S10
Dockerill Lily Dorothy 18may1907 13y 112472 L10 5S07
Dockerill Margaret 29nov1869 82y 044747 B06 2S02
Dockerill Mary 23apr1942 70y 168184 G05 8S05
Dockerill Mary Elizabeth 25may1861 74y 027182 C03 1S10
Dockerill Miriam Florence 18dec1937 42y 162770 L09 8S02
Dockerill Richard 05jun1851 20y 006631 C06 1S05
Dockerill Robert 21jul1879 49y 066067 H08 2S15
Dockerill Robert Henry 12sep1899 37y 100080 J08 4S10
Dockerill Robert Lewis 22aug1957 37y 184002 G06 8S13
Dockerill Samuel Christopher 27jul1950 59y 177032 K04 8S09
Dockerill Samuel Robert 20dec1920 56y 134990 M10 7S03
Dockerill_ William 11jan1860 76y 024376 C03 1S10
Dockery Phoebe Elizabeth 02may1922 46y 137654 O05 7S05
Dockree Sarah Ann 09jan1854 14m 010338 M05 1S06
Dockree_ Thomas 30nov1858 21m 021936 C04 1S09
Dockrell David 20jun1917 74y 128347 L05 6S10
Dockrell Edward William 04apr1852 03y 007707 D06 1S06
Dockrell Edward William 24apr1862 33y 029050 D08 1S11
Dockrell Esther 18apr1918 64y 129698 M09 6S11
Dockrell Harriet Sarah 25jun1908 55y 114092 L06 5S09
Dockrell Jacqueline 17oct1957 06m 184137 M07 8S13
Dockrell Maria 02dec1871 48y 049125 B02 2S05
Dockrell Phillis Eva 29aug1925 02y 143169 C03 7S10
Dockrell Sarah Jane 16jan1929 59y 148980 C04 7S13
Dockrell William 30mar1856 51y 015481 F07 1-MA
Dockrill Richard 10nov1855 65y 014513 E07 1-MA (1)
Docura -- 26jun1917 -- 128376 J05 6S10
Docura -- unused (Thomas) 25sep1871 -- 048739 --- 2S05
Docura Agnes 05apr1870 08m 045649 J05 2S03
Docura Arthur 23jul1867 16m 039801 J05 2S01
Docura Edward 05oct1865 03w 036044 F03 1S13
Docura James Pallitt 07may1856 55y 015792 F08 1-MA
Docura Mary 12jul1852 15m 008063 F03 1S06
Docura Tom Bellingham 15apr1915 65y 124563 N06 6S06
Docwra Annie Nugent 22may1930 66y 151594 J05 7S15
Docwra Elizabeth 28oct1878 60y 064376 N06 2S14
Docwra Florence Mary 09sep1882 05m 071884 N05 3S01
Docwra Henry 31jan1872 26y 049574 N06 2S05
Docwra Louisa Helena 21sep1880 22y 068179 J08 2S16
Docwra Richard 11aug1880 56y 067998 E03 2S16
Docwra Thomas 03aug1882 69y 071702 N06 3S01
Docwra William 16oct1880 29y 068297 J08 2S16
Doewra -- 03mar1916 -- 125985 J05 6S08
Doewra -- 03mar1916 -- 125986 F05 6S08
Doewra Amelia 26jun1915 74y 124892 J05 6S07
Doewra John William 05feb1916 75y 125864 J05 6S08
Deowra Ellen 02may1856 05m 015747 F03 1-MA

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