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The Docwra coat of arms

Sir Henry Docwra, Baron Dockwra of Culmore

Sir Henry Docwra, Kt., was an English soldier who landed with a force of 4000 foot and 200 horse troops at Culmore, in Ireland, on 16th May 1600. His aim was to quell the rumblings of discontent in Ulster and on the 22nd May marched into Derry without resistance and occupied and fortified the town. From this base he was able to harass the Irish clans in such as a way as to make them sue for peace with him.

For his service he was granted 2000 acres in the Precinct of Liffer. Sir Henry served as Governor of Loughfoyle, and on 15th May 1621, by a patent dated at Westminster, was created Baron Dockwra of Culmore. Lord Dockwra was also Treasurer at War and a member of the Privy Council.

Sir Henry married Anne, daughter of Frances Vaughan of Sutton-upon-Derent, and by her he had two sons -Theodore and Henry, and three daughters - Frances, Anne and Elizabeth.

Sir Henry died 18 April 1631.
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