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1628 - Raffe DOCWRA, of Fulbourn, Cambridgeshire

Will was written on 18 September 1627
Will was proved on 27 October 1628

In the name of God Amen the xviijth daie of September Anno d[omi]ni One thousand sixe hundred twentie seauen I Raffe Docwra of ffulburne in the Countie of Cambride[!] gent being in good health and perfect memory god bee thanked, doe make and ordaine this my last will and Testament extinguishinge all former Wills in manner and forme following that is to saie ffirst I bequeath my soule to allmightie god my maker hopeing through the merritts of his only Sonne Jesus Christ my onely Sauiour & Redeemer to haue free remission of my sinnes And my body to bee buried as shall seeme best to my Executor ffirst I giue to the poore in ffulburne St. Vigors the somme of thre pounds of lawfull Inglish money

Item I giue to Susan my wife one hundred pound of good and lawfull money to bee payed to her by my Executor so that she doe assuer her houses in St. Marie axe in London to her sonne James Dowra[!]

Item I giue to Anne Docwra my daughter three hundred pounds of lawfull Inglish mone to bee paied to her at the daie of her marryinge soe that shee marrie with the consent of her Brother James Docwra Alsoe my Will is that my Executor James Docwra shall giue her her diett and ten pounds of lawfull inglish mone' yearely vntill she shall marrie

Item I doe giue to my Sonne Thomas Docwra on hundred pounds of lawfull Inglish mone' to be paied to him within one yeare after my decease

Item I doe giue to euery on of my Servants that haue served mee tow yeares or more ether of them twentie shyllings

Item I giue to Jane Browkes my prenties fortie shillings to bee paied to her when When the yeares of her prentisshipe is ended

Item I giue to eueryone of my Servants that haue served mee two yeares or more the som[m]e of Twentie shillings

All the rest of my goods and Cattell I doe giue to James Docwra my Sonne whom I do make sole Executor of this my last will & testam[en]t. By me Rafe Docwra Witnesses to this presence Edw. Moore Edward Hancocke John Dawson.

Probatum fuit Testamentum supra scriptum apud London Coram Magistro Hugone Barker legum doctore Surrogato venerabilis Viri Domini Henrici Marten Militis legum etiam Doctores Curie Prerogative Cant[uarensis] Magistri Custodis siue Commissarij l[egi]time constituti Vicesimo septimo die mensis Octobris Anno Domini Millesimo sexcentesimo vicesimo octaua Juramento Jacobi Dockwra filij dicti defuncti et Executoris in huiusmodi Testamento nominat Cui Commissa fuit Administratio omnium et singulorum bonorum iurium et Creditorum dicti defuncti De bene et fideliter Administrando eadem ad sancta dei Evangelia Jurat. Ex.

PRO, catalogue reference: PCC Prob/11/154, will of Rafe Docwra of Fulbourn, Cambrigdeshire, (proved) 27 October 1628 (dated 18 September 1627)

Transcription by Odd Ottesen, Kristiansand, Norway, 26 August 2003

Note: Ralph was the husband of Susan Docwra of Fulbourn, whose Will is here. For the Will of his daughter Anne see here.
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